THE HURON CAROL (set to the music of Silent Night)

The Great Spirit has given Seed,
and He is the Father of this glorious deed!
   And we are the arrows sent forth at birth,
sons and daughters of the mother earth.
   We take this day in praise of Peace
for the gifts You gave in holy grace.
   I felt the grass beneath my feet
and I've heard the morning sparrow speak
and I've been the caged and taken wing
and I've felt the love, that children bring!
   You've touched my heart and I will cherish:
that truth in love will never perish!
   But before I die, while I still live,
I bid of You, one more gift You give:
   There's a hunger and a thirst
and for some, a blessing amongst those so cursed!
   Allow me,  guide, the island blind
and lend my speech to the muted mind.
   Let me feel the strength of the losers in the race
 and let their shadows be, like sunshine upon my frozen face.
   And let the music of the earth, open to the deafened ear,
 and give Your sorrowed children the gift of joyous tears.
   And have men of nations join their hands,
 and feel the love that love demands,
 and lay down the sword, the war does end
 and on earth, Peace and good will towards men!

    Silent night, holy night!

    Hold out your hands and then you'll understand
 that love and Peace are right!
    Open up your eyes and chide your little eyes
 to see the Star tonight!
   Silent night, holy night!

   Peace is right: So right, on this Holy Night!

1 -  Source: "The Huron Carol" (PBS TV: 2001, CMT)
      Sung by:   Tom Jackson 
      I hand transcribed the words from my video tape!
Slurring in parts made it difficult to confirm exact accuracy
mainly towards the end....

2 -  Commercial Note:  When I bought the CD "The Best of The Huron Carol"
                          by Tracy Brown and Tom Jackson (1998)
      Their song,  "Silent Night"  was there, but this text
 was deleted. For me personally sad, because of the
 profound theology captured in this TV version
 which thank God I taped and thereafter transcribed.....
     One can only conjecture in our pluralistic secularized myopic
 culture, that "political correctness" overruled doing the right thing!
 Yes, sadly we are, in a Post-Modern Age (!)
     BUT, some good does get through, as did the above!
3 - It is only years later that I discovered in theological literature
and now trace the actual source for the above theology:
    John deBrebeuf (One of the Martyr Saints among the Hurons in Canada!)
and a Jesuit: What genius, and inspiration!!!
           - Virgilijus

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