Thursday, March 25, 2010


Notes on stuff for my boss:

1- Next to his storage hangar in Delta, a Chris type (but outgoing!) race car mechanic has moved in, building race cars for the Mission crowd! He and his wife (Andy & Tracey) run the business: super clean operation. Also, both race at Mission so I'll be going once or twice just to see both race! He invites me over for coffee whenever I'm working there, like today putting "E-track" down both sides (3 five foot sections of track pieces -15' total per side, seamless- on each side, using about 200 #12 one inch stainless screws!) in an imported huge enclosed car transportation trailer so that my boss can more easily lock down all 4 wheels inside as opposed to having to get under a car to run the traditional strapping to 4 corners like you see tow trailers normally do.... Found these E-tracks at a new Canadian business called "Princess Auto" that issues a two mile thick catalogue with junk nobody else carries! (Spent 2 hours just walking around looking so I'd know next time where to find this stuff nobody else!)

2- Boss is off to Palm Springs for his first vacation in 30 years! So, he's taking this trailer which I'll spend all day Thursday prepping and loading for his trip.... He leaves 6AM Friday for 2 weeks. (His son will try to run the business in his absence....) Into the trailer we're loading his yellow Lamborgini which he'll tool around with and show off in Palm Springs....(!) He just picked up the biggest truck GM makes to haul the trailer: its with the newest diesel engine (quiet!) that sits about 2 stories high and can haul about 25,000 lbs! His pimped white Hummer is borderline for hauling this huge trailer! So he buys this truck JUST for the rare times he'll haul this trailer (!) which will mainly be to the annual Peachland summer traditional car show... It even has an retractable automated side awning ....

3- Last week spent all week fitting a plywood complete rear interior to a new van, putting two yellow strobe lights (front and back) on the roof and tieing it into one of the cigarette lighters, with an on/off switch for driver use. This week I added a back-up alarm to it because Ralph's Radio forgot to do it when earlier installing an alarm system. I picked up the alarm (bought 4 for future new van use) from Princess Auto: nobody else carries them! Dar: for your bike electrical work, the industry has matured quick-connect wire splicing without having to cut into any wiring! In my day none of this existed! So you can get hot wire access anywhere you want on any vehice: the connects click shut over a wire wherever you want the location and are sold by wire size of interest (Princess Auto too!).

4- With the boss gone, next week I'm going up to his farm to prune all (28!) fruit trees to keep them low. Will take about 3 days.

5- At St. Ed's I've "upgraded" the PULPIT to this century's! Mainly a fancy light with its own built-in micro switch. Ran custom 120v wiring inside. Added a 3rd shelf for more junk storage. And added an angled top shelf for holding the bible flatter for reading ....! Now I need to come up with a solution to the huge Easter Candle: they're getting rid of the existing oil fed mechanical one with the traditional wax type: the store says it's diameter is 3 inches. Assuming they are right, I found that my plastic honey jars are exactly 3 inches ID so I've grinding-cut off the bottom with my portable grinder (cutting breaks the plastic!), drilled a hole in the lid center to hold a nut over it. And so the inverted lid down, holds the clear plastic "tube" candle-holder in place! If that doesn't work, I'll have to look for the right size of food can and do the!

6- For my car, I hope this summer to drop in my multi-layer painted car roof liner and dump the old one with the cloth drooping off! This used one that I spray painted with about 4 cans of srpay paint, GLUES the cloth liner in place so it'll never lose its adhesion! Before insertion I'm adding an on/off switch and 2nd cheap dome light....

7- For my kitchen area, I bought a water filter to install under the sink, decided to parallel connect two for better filtration, with then only one filter needing frequent changing....

So, this stuff never ends! Just like you two were doing starting in your Condo and continuing now: life is always on the go! Easter Peace and let me know what spectacular liturgy Ciszek pulls off!!! (On that church candle: I abandoned the original idea of tack welding two nuts together with a "probe" piece of center shaft steel over the top nut for entering the center of the candle bottom but realized the wax will wear away quickly by sloppy insertions and/or sit crooked.... If this plastic walled-container idea doesn't work, I'll shop for what food tin can meets these same specs and do the same: any better suggestions???)

- Virgilijus